Author Topic: Build network map, find devices by subnet, network walker on github  (Read 40 times)

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For those that care I built a network walker a while back and it's based on a database now.

From the database you get from this you can run this one to get a network map in yEd

And this one to query for any network device that has an IP in that subnet

Looks something like this

C:\Python in process>python "subnet"

IP address:

{'site_name': 'nc-sw-fake-1', 'ip': IPv4Address(''), 'cider': '/22', 'snm': '', 'subnet': IPv4Network('')}

{'site_name': 'nc-sw-fake-2', 'ip': IPv4Address(''), 'cider': '/22', 'snm': '', 'subnet': IPv4Network('')}